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Well, Blurty is playing up again, so I'm back. And I brought my London Film & Comic Con adventures with me!

Anyway, here's what went down on the Saturday.

Dramatis personae (plus the main reasons for seeing them if they were a guest):
Ben Aaronovitch (the Rivers of London series)
Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars V-VI)
Carrie Fisher (Star Wars IV-VI)
Curtis Armstrong (Moonlighting, Supernatural)
Daniel Kash (Aliens, The Dresden Files)
David Wenham (LoTR, Van Helsing)
Derek Landy (Skulduggery Pleasant)
Dominic Keating (BtVS, Heroes, Star Trek: Enterprise)
Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner)
Ellie Kendrick (Game of Thrones)
Glenn Morshower (BtVS, 24, X-Men: First Class)
Ian Beattie (Game of Thrones)
Ian McDiarmid (Star Wars I-III, V, VI)
Isaac Hempstead Wright (Game of Thrones)
Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica)
Juliet Landau (BtVS, Angel)
Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones)
Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones)
Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2)
Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes)
Sibel Kekilli (Game of Thrones)
Stan (The Man) Lee (I'm sure any self-respecting geek knows why I wanted to see him)
Summer Glau (Firefly, Serenity, Arrow)
Terry Farrell (Star Trek: DS9)
TJ Thyne (Angel, Bones)
Will Tudor (Game of Thrones)
Callie Helen
Mike (Bored_Mike)
SM and crew
Hordes of attendees

Given that some last-minute guests had been announced (Isaac Hempstead Wright, Dominic Keating and Sibel Kekilli), my hopes of a slight lie-in were dashed because I needed to be there when the doors opened at 9am in order to beat the photoshoot queues. Got up at 5:30am *groan* and after the usual prep, left the house at 7:30am to catch the train to West Brompton.

Turned up just before 9am and the crew were giving out the Gold Pass wristbands. There was some slight confusion as I'd bought mine early enough to warrant a Stan Lee Gold Pass (this apparently gives one extra perks similar to the Comics Gold Pass that was being done this year for Stan Lee's visit, but I never found out what they were) and I had to go to the lady giving those out, and the Gold Pass queue started going in as this happened, but I didn't lose too much ground.

Due to Stan's visit, SM had booked Earls Court 1 and 2. Stan and the comics lot were in EC1, and everything I needed today was in the usual place of EC2. Given that there were SIX photoshoot areas (not including prop shoots) instead of the usual four, it was a daunting prospect, which is why I ended up being quite relieved that three of my planned Saturday shoots (Ken Marshall, Pedro Pascal and Natalie Dormer) were cancelled.

Got my photoshoot tickets and was relieved to see that they didn't clash with any of my existing ones, phew. Added them to my schedule and went straight to my first photoshoot with Summer Glau in area A (manned by Giles). It was going very fast, natch, but I managed to make my request for a back-to-back shot quickly understood, thank goodness, and we were done. Summer is the thinnest actress I've ever met (and not just because she made me look like a heifer, even at my current healthy weight). Her arms were painfully skinny. It's possible she's naturally that way, but if not, I feel bad for her.

Shortly after that was Dominic Keating in area B (with Duncan, so I kept my head well down to avoid lens flare!). I then had a bit of time, so strolled around the guest signing area looking for some quick auto scores. I found them in Daniel Kash (he didn't have any Dresden Files shots, so I got an Aliens one) and Will Tudor. I wasn't able to say an awful lot to them, but they seemed nice.

Went next to John Hurt's shoot in area D. He greeted me with a cheerful, "Hello, sweetheart!" and was sporting an impressive handlebar moustache. Went straight from there back to Michael Madsen in area A. He was very laid-back, shaking hands then murmured something like, "Are those [something] for real?" I think he said "teeth" (definitely not something starting with T and ending in S!). Maybe because mine are fairly white and large? Don't know. Anyway, I treated it as a rhetorical question, did the shot, thanked him and scooted away...

Somewhere around here, I think I got a shot with the Iron Throne (I'd decided to treat myself as I'd lost a fair bit of weight since the last one). Anyway, I kind of which I hadn't bothered; I didn't look too bad, but there was no sword prop this time and the shot looked a bit soft and insipid. Never mind.

It was now just before 11am and it was already pretty busy - practically at normal Saturday levels with just Early Birds and Gold Passes. And, I realized with a sinking heart, the fun was about to begin as they were about to let in the standard ticket-holders. Sure enough, it got busier and busier and busier. And it was just as bad outside - the queue stretched for over a mile, I think. Eventually, they had to stop letting people in and allowing only one out, one in, but it was still far too much.

Despite this, I managed to get a few autographs: Milo Ventimiglia's was first. For some reason, I was expecting him to be somewhat aloof, but he could not have been friendlier. We exchanged memories of his first LFCC visit in 2007 (the height of Heroes mania). He signed my auto, All my best, darlin. Aww.

I think I got Dominic Keating's around this time too; I was delighted to see that he had a BtVS pic, so got that, of course.

Kristian Nairn was looking a little flustered when I met him. His first word to me was, "Stre-e-essed!" and then, "Were you here last night [for the preview evening]?" I said no, but that I was here last year and got a photoshoot with him, but he'd gone before I'd been able to get an autograph, so thanked him for coming back. He signed his auto with Hodor! Hee. Of course.

Amazingly, had enough time to go to the BSG talk, once I'd made it past the crowds, which were pretty hideous by now. Managed to get a seat at the front, too. Sweet. Edward James Olmos actually turned up 10 minutes early and made his way across the front of the standard ticket-holders, shaking hands. That made a very favourable first impression! He and Jamie Bamber were very entertaining; it was lovely to hear that most of the cast are still in touch with each other (they often stay at EJO's house, so he did a pitch-perfect impression of Mike Hogan asking if he had a room free, heh).

Next up was Glenn Morshower's photoshoot, which was on the opposite side of the hall from the main talk stage in area F. Thank goodness I had ten minutes to get there, as it took a while. Barely had time to powder my nose. It looks OK though.

Decided to go over to the YALC (Young Authors Lit Con, being trialled this year) area to see if I could find Caz, who'd bought a pre-paid ticket to meet some authors she likes (Rebecca Rowell was the name of one, I think?) I actually ran into her near the organizers' desk before I had to call her - pretty impressive, given the crush! Anyway, I had a little gap between photoshoots that I suppose I could have spent auto-hunting, but chose to stand in the queue with her for an hour and have a much-needed catch-up instead.

A while later, a hideously stressed Helen arrived; she'd intended to do all her shoots on the Friday, but hadn't been able to do so, and the desk had refused to sell her a pre-paid ticket, so she'd had to queue until about 2pm. (Poor Mike was even worse off - he didn't book in advance, turned up at 11am and had to queue for FIVE HOURS. I couldn't have done that.)

Anyway, she went off for her first shoot; I stayed with Caz for as long as I could, but eventually had to leave for my next shoot in area E, which was for Isaac Hempstead Wright and Kristian Nairn. I managed to make Isaac giggle by saying, "Hello again," to Kristian, then "Hello for the first time!" to him (I'm such a wit). Side note: most of the photo areas were fairly close to each other, but not E - it was ages away, so I was SO glad I didn't have any clashes on Saturday as it would have been impossible.

One swift shot with Daniel Kash later in area F, and I returned to trawling the guest area for autographs, as I had a quite respectable gap. Got Isaac's first (he commented on my Metallica T-shirt and asked whether I'd heard them play with some violinist (did he say Yo-Yo Ma or someone else?) and I recommended S&M (with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) in turn ("Best version of The Thing That Should Not Be evar!"). He was a little sweetie.

Suddenly realized that Derek Landy was still signing; I thought I wouldn't have a chance with the first window as the queue was HUGE, but there was only one person at the desk! Leeeaped in there and said Hi, and his companion handed me a card which I initially thought was for The Dying Of The Light (the final Skulduggery Pleasant book), but no, it was for something called Theatre of Shadows on 27 Sep. I commented that this might tide me over after he no doubt breaks my heart with the final book and that he seems to be taking a few leaves from Joss Whedon's book of Causing Pain. He grinned and said, "Never trust me." He'd signed my book with a Skulduggery cartoon! Love it.

I think Billy Dee Williams was next; he didn't say much, but did smile and thank me when I wished him a good weekend. Michael Madsen was fairly quiet too (I didn't have much to say either). Glenn Morshower, on the other hand, was very chatty; I picked a shot of him as Colonel Hendry from X-Men: First Class. He didn't like it as he thought he looked weird in it, but I said I liked it because it was quirky. We had a good laugh about the poor man's fate (yeah, that grenade's not going to do him any good) and he wrote: Amanda, Always listen to your gut. It knows what we need. My best - Glenn Morshower, "Colonel Hendry" X-Men: First Class. Aww.

Saw Curtis Armstrong next. Started with a stroll down amnesia lane with Moonlighting (his character, Herbert Viola, is the only one whose full name I remember now, because it was such a distinctive name!). But I was mainly there for his appearance in Supernatural, so we had a mutual whinge about the fact that Living isn't even airing S9 in the UK and I'm having to wait for it to come out on DVD, but I was very interested in seeing what happens, based on what his character got up to at the end of S8. He said, "Well, I can't tell you anything, but..." and then gave me an extremely impish grin. He signed his auto: To Amanda, With love from a very naughty angel... Metatron. Oh, the suspense! :P

After a swift photoshoot with Will Tudor in area F, I think I finally found Mike at this point; he was getting an auto from Robert Rankin. I chatted to him briefly about his ghastly queueing experience, noted his recommendation of Rankin's Brentford Trilogy), wished him luck getting Derek Landy's auto (Derek was just starting his second signing sesh) and queued for John Hurt's autograph. He was signing fairly quickly, but I took the opportunity to lean forward and say, "I just wanted to say that I love your voice. It's GORGEOUS." He looked up at me, beamed and said, "Ahhhh...!" I grinned at him and scarpered before I could spoil the moment by dribbling or something...

Helen texted me at this point to say she was all done and was happy to wait for me outside if I was nearly done (I was). Also saw that Mike was about four people away from his goal of meeting Derek Landy. ("Looks like you're going to get lucky!" said I in my usual genteel style.) We arranged to meet outside photo area D after I'd finished my final photoshoot, which was Curtis Armstrong. (I think it was at this point that I was seduced by the Kit-Kat stand selling three mini-bars for £5. I got green tea, apple and strawberry cheesecake, yum.) When I went up for my shot, Curtis said, "I remember you!" and put his arms round me. The photographer was obviously so excited by this that he took the shot before we could even look at the camera; by the time he took the proper shot, we'd relaxed the hug pose somewhat, but we're both still grinning.

Left the photoshoot and walked out with Mike (the crowds, mercifully, had thinned somewhat by then). Helen was propped up outside, chatting to a bloke who was cosplaying the Arrow (not home-made, but a great costume anyway). We walked down to the area before EC1 (where various vehicles from Transformers - including Optimus Prime! - were assembled for our delectation). She and Mike were going to Earls Court and I was headed back to West Brompton, so we said our farewells and I headed back to Clapham, where I got a deliciously warm ham and cheese pretzel and an ice-cold Diet Coke from The Knot before catching the Farnborough train home. Was so buggy-eyed from the day that I had 2.75 glasses of Wine instead of the intended 0.75 remaining from Friday night...


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