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And now the Sunday. (I can't believe over a week has passed since I was there...)

After the squishy, hot ordeal that was Saturday, I was really not keen on going back to London on Sunday, but kept reassuring myself that it would definitely be a bit quieter. Also, I was able to get up at my usual work time of 6:20am, which seemed luxurious after yesterday's wake-up call.

While on the Overground to West Brompton, I realized that if I wanted Stan Lee's autograph, I would have to sacrifice my plans of leaving early (ish) and go to the afternoon photo sessions for Ian McDiarmid, Carrie Fisher and Milo Ventimiglia, as there would never be so large a window of opportunity as the 10am-12pm slot I'd assigned to those photoshoots.

So, one mental schedule reshuffle later (thank goodness I'd put the second sessions on my spreadsheet just in case) in I went to Earls Court 1 this time and found the Stan Lee booth circa 9:45am; it was already full of people queueing, while crew members tried to get those who didn't have a cat's hope in hell of getting an auto for several hours (if ever) to move away. I mean, they were calling Gold Passes and 0-25, and Stan hadn't even arrived yet. One guy had virtual ticket #800-and-something and he stuck around for ages, even after several of us had pointed out that his number wouldn't be called for hours. Silly man.

Unfortunately Stan was delayed for a bit longer than that, and the poor crew were desperately trying to find out what the problem was (it turned out that the poor man was knackered after Friday and Saturday's efforts - he is 91-odd after all - and needed a little extra rest). We then got word circa 10:20am that he'd be in for 11am. We were told that we could go away if we liked, but those of us inside the booth and right outside decided to stay put, given that there was little else we could do in that time. And I was standing next to someone I knew, so was able to pass the time chatting to him (and reminiscing about various weekend cons while we were at it). I also managed to do a Good Deed for the day; my friend wanted six autos for him and his friends, but the max per person was 5, so I offered to take one onto my allowance if he was willing to give me the money as I only wanted one.

Stan eventually turned up about 11:10 (there was a huge cheer from inside the booth as he walked in). It took a while for things to start moving, given that the queue was about twelve serpentine rows deep, but eventually we started shuffling forward. They were rushing us through, understandably, but as I'd got two items to sign, I did have time to thank him this time, unlike the last time I met him at the London Super Comic Con. Got out, gave my friend his sixth auto and said I'd see him on the other side as I was off to EC2.

Funnily enough, the next item on my agenda was a Stan Lee photoshoot, but I decided that, given how late he'd started signing, it was unlikely that he'd make it over to EC1 and get through all the Gold Passes no doubt already queuing ahead of me before my other shoots came up. So I pushed that one back to the afternoon instead and went hunting for Ben Aaronovitch's auto, only to discover that he'd only been signing in the morning (something that hadn't been noted on the schedule) and he was long gone. Denied! Bugger.

Made my way to Ian Beattie's shoot in area E instead. As I had a clash and needed to make my way across the hall to area B for Edward James Olmos and then straight back to E for Kate Dickie, I and some others in similar situations were put straight to the front, even in front of other Gold Passes. Ian Beattie seemed really happy and enthusiastic to be there (I know, I wasn't expecting Sir Meryn Trant, but still!). I was amused to realize he was Scottish, as he uses a fairly upmarket English accent for Trant and I was thinking his normal accent would be the same.

Wormed my way through the crowds to area B; there were a couple of bottlenecks but it was far more manageable than yesterday, thank goodness. Edward James Olmos was fun; he put his arms round me for the shoot, saying, "Come on in - give us some love," and who am I to disobey the Admiral? Hee. Of course it was all over far too soon, and off I tunnelled through the throng (I always have my arm out in front of me so if people can't see me, they can at least see my hand, which is pointed in the direction I want to go like a divining-rod) back to E. Kate was already in there, but only just. She was also very sweet.

Most relieved to realize that my next shot was in the same place, so I could just queue up again. The crew were doing a great job roping in the various stragglers with clashes (most of them had gone to a shoot for another GoT actor, Gethin Anthony, whom I'd already met at Collectormania last year, so not a problem for me). Kate did go out for a quick break while she was waiting for the last few to return, so we helped alert those attendees when she was back.

Juliet Landau's shot was a little delayed; I was being all Zen because I was trying not to upset the two attendees in front of me, whom I'd let in because they were ultra-claustrophobic and one had already had a panic attack, but I was starting to get a bit concerned that I'd have a clash with Terry Farrell in photo area D (back across the hall). Note: I can imagine why Photo area E was all isolated on one side of the hall, e.g. because that was one of only a few spaces left that could handle queues and electronics, say, but why not call that one F instead of having F next to D? A little confusing at times.

Fortunately Juliet arrived before things got too time-constrained; got my snap, dashed off to Terry in area D, then on to Jamie Bamber in area B. Then back to E for TJ Thyne, but at least I had a few minutes to powder my poor red face, not that it did much good. (Thank goodness for Corel PhotoDraw, which I used a fair bit this time to tone down the worst of the shine on my face and those of any guests who had similarly succumbed to the heat, plus eliminate the occasional lens flare as I did NOT have time for reshoots). TJ actually walked past the area and I know I stood to attention and pointed helpfully at the area entrance and I think a couple of others did too, to which TJ smiled and said, "I know I'm meant to be in there - I'll be back in a couple of minutes!" Yes, the poor man actually needed to visit the Gents' first. He returned in good time, I got my shot and off I went to Photo area C for David Wenham, who was looking very dapper in a blazer and hat.

Finally had a breather, so did a quick trawl of the auto area and Edward James Olmos had a very small queue, so in I went. He wrote: It was great meeting you... "So say we all", Admiral Adama and because I was grinning and saying how nice it was to meet him too, he actually went back up to where he'd written my name and put a little heart after it. Awwwww.

That was all I had time to get before Billy Dee Williams's shoot (he seemed happier and smiled a lot more than yesterday), but then there was quite a decent gap, so I started queueing for Ian McDiarmid's autograph. As a big guest, he had his own booth with a snaking queue within, and we were moving very slowly, although I was chatting to some friendly people on each side of me, which helped make things go more quickly, although it started to get perilously close to Sibel Kekilli's photoshoot.

I had just reached the edge of Ian's desk when one of the crew announced that he was taking a break and not to go anywhere. Ack! I explained my dilemma to the crew member, who scrawled a note on my auto voucher and told me to go to my shoot, then speak to the pit boss outside Ian's booth on my return and I'd be moved back to the front of the queue. So off I went to Sibel's shoot (we were both very shiny-faced in that), came back and was duly taken around to the front of the queue. Ian returned at the same moment I did, so I was actually able to assume the exact position I'd held before I left (my erstwhile companions were most amused). Ian was personalizing names and wrote a slow, careful signature, which explained the leisurely pace of his queue. Had a very firm handshake, too.

Had a shorter wait for Carrie Fisher, who was about to go to a photoshoot, but any Gold Passers asking were permitted to join the back of the queue already dwindling inside her booth, so I and one other got lucky. Carrie's dog was sitting next to her; I think Carrie complimented me on my hair (or else I'm confusing her with Terry Farrell), but I forget now.

Sibel was the last "big" guest with a booth, but SM had overestimated how many people would be seeing her, so there she was at the other end of the booth, with absolutely no queue at that point. I saved so much time there I even had time to nab Jamie Bamber's auto before Carrie's shoot (he was very nice, but I couldn't think of anything interesting to say bar mentioning that I'd enjoyed his talk with Edward James Olmos yesterday).

Carrie's shoot, on the other hand, was great fun. She was sitting down on a table with her dog next to her. She was happy to put her arm around people, so I put my arm round her shoulders and she leaned into me with her arm round my back. "Isn't this so weird?" she murmured as we looked into the camera. "Oh, very," said I, and she giggled. That is probably my favourite shot of the weekend now!

Got out of that and was pleased to see I had another gap for autos, but something made me check my next photoshoot ticket, and a bloody good thing too, as it was Carrie's. Uh-oh. Worked out that I'd actually handed in Ian McDiarmid's ticket, which had ended up in the wrong order when I'd reshuffled my morning shoots to the afternoon. Dashed back into the booth and was intercepted by a pit boss. He ended up taking the ticket stubs from the lady who'd originally taken mine and going through them; despite my having left the booth barely five minutes before, a scary number of people had gone through since then, and it took a little while before he came across it. I thanked him profusely, gave him my Carrie stub and made a hasty exit. In my defence, that's the first time I've ever done that in what must be well over a hundred photoshoots!

Saw Terry Farrell for her auto next (she was lovely), followed by Juliet Landau, who definitely complimented me on my hair, heh. She was speaking with an English accent (Home Counties-ish, not Drusilla's!), so I did get confused and asked her if she was indeed English (no, but she had spent her formative years here - something I'd known once, but I hadn't realized she'd retained her accent). Anyway, I told her I thought she'd got Dru's accent spot-on (S2's anyway - I wasn't going to get nit-picky about later seasons). She put Hello from Drusilla! on my auto, bless.

Kate Dickie was as sweet during auto time as she'd been in the photoshoot. I picked a photo of Lysa that looked regal and not at all insane (my words - she giggled at that one), and we had a non-spoilery whisper about the Interesting Stuff her character had been doing in S4. Side-note: as I was queueing, GoT actor Finn Jones (who was next to her - I'd already met him so wasn't seeing him this time) came out from behind the desk to pose with a Great Big (wooden) Sword and a bunch of other Finns. Someone posted their photos of this moment and you can see me cracking up at the back.

Went to get Ian Beattie's auto around this time and he'd gone for a break, and the next time I went he'd left to catch a plane. Noes! I hope he comes back, as he seemed really sweet. I did manage to visit Ellie Kendrick and explain to her that while I love the Being Human auto I'd got last time I saw her, I had to have a GoT one this time (they'd gone by the time I got to see her at CMK, and although there'd been a nice big pile when I'd first gone up during her break, there were only a few left this time, so I almost missed them again! Ellie's main memory of CMK was that it had been very cold, poor dear, but she said, "Nice to meet you again," which was sweet.

Stan Lee's second photo sesh had come up, but he hadn't arrived (no doubt still behind schedule), so queued for Ian McDiarmid's shoot in area C instead. After a short wait, I got that one done, then went to see if Summer Glau's auto was manageable as her queues had been stupidly long all weekend. Her queue was actually being cut off, but I was told that if I could get my money out in 20 seconds, I could go in. And of course my money was in my bum bag, which was itself in my Tesco jute carrier bag, as I'd taken the bum bag off for Ian's shoot. Cue a frantic scramble while various crew members gleefully (and noisily) counted down. I slapped the required dosh down on the table on Two. I hope we didn't disrupt anyone else trying to sign in the vicinity. Summer seemed understandably buggy-eyed after all that signing, but she still smiled and wrote, Keep flying! on my auto.

Tried to queue for TJ Thyne next, but his queue was going like a slug. I and two girls (identical twins) in front of me both had Milo Ventimiglia's shoot coming up, but the crew member said that if we left the queue, we couldn't come back as the show was closing soon and they were cutting his queue off as a result. We held on for as long as possible, but ten minutes into Milo's shoot window, I threw in the towel, and the twins weren't far behind. Milo was very nice again, which made me feel a little better.

Went over to Stan Lee's photoshoot queue, which was now well underway, and invoked the Gold Pass to cut in to the part of the queue just going into the photo booth. Stan was, naturally, sitting for his shot, and we were instructed not to touch him, but it's still a very nice shot (I was amused by the way I managed to tilt my head at the same angle as Stan's, when normally I tilt towards the guest).

Was heading out when I noticed that the twins had rejoined TJ Thyne's queue and a different crew member was directly monitoring it, so I decided to try my luck. Explained that I'd been in the queue but had to go to a photoshoot (well, two) and I did have a Gold Pass and please could I go in? The twins, bless them, corroborated my story, and he let me in. I could see the original crew member not too far away and studiously avoided her eye in case she spotted me and came storming over to kick me out.

The queue was just as slow as before; I'd completed my final shoots just before 6pm, and on the dot, the announcement boomed out that the show was closing and we attendees should leave the building. And there were several more such announcements as we inched closer. The crew did let us stay, thank goodness, but they were very twitchy as they'd already started "breaking up" and technically, they're not insured if any attendees are present during this time and get into an accident.

We eventually reached TJ just before 6:40pm, and the reason he was taking so long is that he was giving each and every attendee his full attention: hugging them hello AND goodbye, writing personalizations and posing for photos. This girl next to him was also going up and down the queue handing out little gifts (I got three candid snaps from the Bones set and two elastic bands of the sort Hodgins wears on his wrist for anger management purposes). I'm sure the crew would have tactfully tried to hurry him up a little (particularly as he would have about 150 bulk autos to sign after that!), but he was having none of it, bless him. When it was my turn, he even apologized for keeping me waiting for so long (after the hello hug) and I was all, "Dude, I'm just so grateful you've hung on this long for us!" He wrote: Lovely to meet you! All my very best, TJ Thyne, King of the Lab, Bones. (He actually said the words out loud while he was writing them down, which was rather adorable.) He even had time to ask me where I was from, and on my answer (Sandhurst), where that was? I was so brain-dead by this time that my answer was along the lines of, "Uhhhhh, somewhere to the left of here." Well articulate, me. He finished the auto, said it was lovely to meet me or something nice like that, gave me a goodbye hug and I wished him a safe journey home before walking out in a happy daze, the last attendee at LFCC 2014 to get an autograph. SWEETEST GUEST EVER.

My feet were now feeling like they were being repeatedly stabbed, thanks to the extra long day and amount of time spent queueing (even with the Gold Pass). Having warned H that I had NOT left early as planned *cough*, I made my weary way to Clapham Junction and, as I had a little time to wait for the Farnborough train, repeated my order at The Knot (this time, the ham and cheese pretzel was so fresh it was literally sitting on a baking tray that had just come out of the oven and was so hot I couldn't touch it for a while). Eventually made it home and finished off the bottle of Wine I'd opened on Saturday.

And that's The End. Except for my photos from the weekend, as follows:

Summer Glau
 photo PhotoshootSummerGlaureduced2.jpg

Dominic Keating
 photo PhotoshootDominicKeatingreduced.jpg

John Hurt
 photo PhotoshootJohnHurtreduced.jpg

Michael Madsen
 photo PhotoshootMichaelMadsenreduced.jpg

Glenn Morshower
 photo PhotoshootGlennMorshowerreduced.jpg

Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hempstead Wright
 photo PhotoshootKristianNairn_IsaacHempsteadWrightreduced2.jpg

Daniel Kash
 photo PhotoshootDanielKashreduced.jpg

Will Tudor
 photo PhotoshootWillTudorreduced.jpg

Curtis Armstrong
 photo PhotoshootCurtisArmstrongreduced.jpg

Ian Beattie
 photo PhotoshootIanBeattiereduced.jpg

Edward James Olmos
 photo PhotoshootEdwardJamesOlmosreduced.jpg

Kate Dickie
 photo PhotoshootKateDickiereduced.jpg

Juliet Landau
 photo PhotoshootJulietLandaureduced.jpg

Terry Farrell
 photo PhotoshootTerryFarrellreduced.jpg

Jamie Bamber
 photo PhotoshootJamieBamberreduced.jpg

TJ Thyne
 photo PhotoshootTJThynereduced.jpg

David Wenham
 photo PhotoshootDavidWenhamreduced.jpg

Billy Dee Williams
 photo PhotoshootBillyDeeWilliamsreduced.jpg

Sibel Kekilli
 photo PhotoshootSibelKekillireduced.jpg

Carrie Fisher
 photo PhotoshootCarrieFisherreduced.jpg

Ian McDiarmid
 photo PhotoshootIanMcDiarmidreduced.jpg

Milo Ventimiglia
 photo PhotoshootMiloVentimigliareduced.jpg

Stan (The Man) Lee
 photo PhotoshootStanLeereduced.jpg
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