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Well, stuff that has happened since the LFCC. Nothing that interesting to you, dear reader, to be honest. But I'm sure I can make some drivel out of it. :P

What with work, doing my write-up and scanning in a load of photos, not much else has happened, although I did make some much needed headway on the garden front at the weekend. On Saturday, I took Muv to RHS Wisley, despite grim warnings of impending rain; we went for a leisurely stroll through the gardens (first time in YEARS), then visited the garden shop for some items I required for the front border for Project Zen (the weather was muggy, but remained free of precipitation). Except that the specimens I wanted were either not being sold or of inferior quality - something quite unexpected for an establishment of this nature. I managed to get some ornamental grasses and a 'Wide Brim' hosta and Muv fell in love with some 'Midnight Star' Agapanthus and something else called Atarea or something like that (she wasn't even supposed to be getting anything, heh).

Dropped in at Longacres near Bagshot on the way home and managed to obtain a lovely Acer palmatum 'Garnet' for the border and some virulent pink geraniums for our flower pots; couldn't get a Hebe rakaiensis for love nor money, so made do with a Euonymus 'Green Spire' instead. And I finally had the plants I needed for our left front border...

On Sunday, that rare concatenation of circumstances occurred: 1) H and I weren't doing anything, 2) we had a reasonable amount of energy and 3) the weather was decent. We planted the aforementioned items, moved a load of earth and laid down a lot of log roll, then returned to Longacres to buy 15 sacks of slate and some bark chippings. And on Monday, I summoned up enough energy after work to start laying down semi-permeable membrane, although it was so hot I could only manage about an hour's work. Ugh. (And that was the "mild" day of this week!) H, bless him, managed a few hours more and has been nipping in and out today to add a few more bits, but of course it is currently hideously hot, so not practical.

Blimey, that was boring. But it's been great to finally achieve some tangible results.

In other news, I tried baking cod fillets in about 4oz of butter and a 1/4 of a pint of white wine last night. It was DELISH. (I drank the leftovers.)


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