Jul. 31st, 2014 06:31 pm
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Most days, I achieve my five-a-day and then some, although it gets difficult sometimes.

I mean, I love onions, but my word, things get gassy several hours later. Which is a shame, because one of my favourite low-calorie breakfasts involves frying an onion, a (bell) pepper, a leek, oregano, salt and pepper until the veggies are just turning brown, adding/warming a portion of cauliflower mash (I make up a tub in advance), then mixing in two eggs, before eating half of the results. Then you have garlic. My two recent recipe successes are beef mince and okra (with a sauce involving puréed garlic, onion and harissa paste), and courgette soup, (also containing garlic slices that are blended with the rest of the soup after the whole caboodle's cooked for about ten minutes). They taste delish, but my breath is just vile for ages afterwards, even with parsley and mints. Ah, well. I soldier on.

On a veggie-related note, today I made cauliflower crust pizza (thanks to a recipe forwarded to me by Marmpar). Unfortunately, I was unable to create a "stiff dough" using the ingredients to hand and ended up adding about half a cup of flour (rather contrary to the point of a non-flour crust, ahem), but never mind - it was really rather nice. I am also grateful to H for coming in just at the right time so I could give him one of the two small pizzas that resulted instead of eating them both myself, as I would have felt Very Guilty.

Something has shat in our new border already. Tut. At least the neighbours haven't driven over the new log roll yet.


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