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Had a great time shopping in Reading with Muv today.

I didn't achieve my primary goal, which was to get a second black suit in my current dress size (12 - I think this would be a US size 8), but I did get a tan blazer (something I've wanted for YEARS), plus a fab orange-toned multi-coloured scarf to go with it and a cream jacket.

For lunch, we dropped into Cosmo in Reading. I'm glad I made a reservation, as there was a rather large queue of walk-ins when we arrived. This is a "Pan-Asian" buffet restaurant; you get a table, order your drinks and then go stuff your face from the many and varied dishes on offer. On my first foray, I managed a cocktail sausage, sesame prawn toast, chicken nugget, Chinese veggies, onion ring, special fried rice, egg foo young, Peking duck and Thai prawn crackers. The second involved sushi, sweet 'n' sour chicken, beef in black bean sauce, marinated mushrooms, spicy pork and more rice, crackers and prawn toast.

And I swear I barely scratched the surface. There was pizza, mac 'n' cheese, deep-fried chicken wings, chicken and sweetcorn soup, cooked-on-request meats, Indian and Thai curries, deli salads, Mexican... I've never seen anything like it. As a person who likes to savour as many different tastes as possible in a meal, I found this utterly irresistible. Muv was equally impressed. We boggled at the various cakes and dishes of fresh fruit on display for dessert and settled for a few profiteroles. And the price for filling your face until you're fit to burst if you so desire? About £11 per head before tip. UNBELIEVABLE.

Fortunately we managed to scarper without overloading ourselves, and remained pleasantly full for the remainder of our stay. It's funny - my brother-in-law had been extolling the pleasures of this place to Muv, while H had been similarly complimentary about it to me, so it really was inevitable that we try it out. We'll definitely be back.

Having loaded up on toiletries and various sundries for our respective households, we made our weary way back home, but on the whole, that was definitely a successful trip, as per usual. H and I have just watched V for Vendetta; he's outside doing more DIY relating to the side of the house and I'm just about ready for bed at 8:35pm... *YAWN* Night, all.


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