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Yesterday (Sunday), I painted a load of log roll (badly) for the front border, then cooked four dozen escargots in garlic and parsley butter with a load of Wine for supper.

As this was our main meal, that wasn't technically too Naughty in itself; however, the amount of baguette that accompanied it certainly was, especially as I got peckish waiting for H to return from his Woodley band engagement and had a few sneak previews. *cough* I fear I probably ate the equivalent of a whole one myself. We both had to lie down for the rest of the evening to digest everything (it took a good hour to reach a state of being merely hideously full, ahem) and was still awake well after midnight, so feel like utter crap today. I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON. [/Homer Simpson]

Suddenly realized I have just over a month to sort out party outfits for the Vampire Ball parties (should I choose to attend them). I shall probably recycle one of my con maxi-dresses (one that still fits, natch) for the ball itself on Saturday, but was having trouble with the Friday theme, which is Movie Maniac. I'm not sure whether this means I am a maniac for the movies and should therefore pay homage or whether I am supposed to dress up as an actual movie maniac. Also I can't be arsed to make too much effort. So I've decided to cosplay as someone who isn't technically a maniac, but definitely has an interestingly skewed world view. And I already have the hair (albeit a few shades darker), suit and boots, so mimimal extra prop-age is required. I'll leave it for you to guess who it is when/if I post photos.

Going to bed early tonight. Like, around 5pm. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open for the next hour or so as it is.


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