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I was awake before 6am this fine Saturday morning. After lying there hopefully trying to get back to sleep for a while, I decided to make the best of things. Got a charity bag filled and ready for collection before 8am (after a frenzied search for my keys that possibly deserves its own entry), then drove to Longacres in time for it to open at 8:30am (wow) and snaffled a load of gravel for the fan at the front of the house (and got a paper on the way back). H was leaving for a band engagement as I arrived, so had brekky and spent several productive hours sifting the last of the dirt from the gravel remaining in the fan (using a fine mesh sieve in water did the best job yet).

When H got back, he helped me gather up gravel, swept up the remaining earth and cut a load of new semi-permeable membrane. Used the sifted gravel plus three of the four sacks I'd bought this morning to fill most of the left-hand fan; I'm going to need about ten sacks to finish that and the right-hand fan, but once I've bought those, I'm good to finish. Phase 2 of Project Zen is about 80% complete!

That's four hours of bending, scooping, sifting and pouring. I've earned my Wine tonight, oh, yes.


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