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Further to the previous entry.

A friend of mine made the following comment on Facebook in response to the general outpouring on Robin Williams's death:

Funny how one celebrity dies and Facebook lights up. Yet hundreds of people are dying every day out in the middle east and I don't see any posts about that.

Which is a fair point, and normally I'd have let it go, but this time I felt the need to respond, and my final comment on the subject was this:

Men, women and children are being beaten, raped, mutilated, tortured and murdered every day, all around the world, from Gaza to North Korea to Venezuela to dear old Blighty. To post about my daily rage and despair at man's inhumanity to man would just make everyone else miserable, and it's important to focus on the good, the joy, the friends, the laughter, the people who take you away from it all. Selfish? Yes, but necessary in order to survive. Today one of my sources of joy was snuffed out. So yes, I (paradoxically) made a sad post about it. But that's what we do when something bad happens that affects us directly and personally. It doesn't diminish the way I feel about the rest of the world's suffering. Just a sad moment for me. And when lots of people like me react like that... there you go. I do understand your feelings.

(I also apologized for the essay. He was fine with it.)

So, yes, if you see a paucity of diary entries from yours truly on the state of the world today - that's why.


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