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Have had an excellent Bank Holiday weekend.

Picked Callie Helen up on Friday. We'd ordered Herbies pizza in advance, and the order (1 large special, 1 large veg supreme, 1 garlic bread calzone-style, 1 garlic bread with cheese calzone-style) arrived mere minutes after our return chez moi - excellent. Stuffed ourselves to the gunwales and drank rather a lot of Wine. We felt like something fairly mindless to watch after that, so our film choice was Bedazzled.

On Saturday (bar a walk to Waitrose for victuals), we did some solid Sanctuary S2-wtaching while H went to a band job at Binfield Heath. Made spicy chicken and chips for his return, after which we watched more Tee Vee until Doctor Who time (I really like the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and some of the scenes were brilliantly done, but I was left a little meh overall and I'm still wary of Moffat screwing things up).

On Sunday we went to Cosmo restaurant. I managed a bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup, a plate of Peking duck with pancakes, a Chinese/Japanese/Thai plate and a plate of miscellaneous items including beef Stroganoff on the savoury front (a new record). The desserts were even better than last time - I nearly exploded from the choice, but ended up with a tiny piece of carrot cake, a mini crème brûlée and a mini trifle. And then I felt REALLY full. H and Helen managed a similar amount of gluttony; we all walked very carefully back to the car and I tried not to hit any bumps or take corners too sharply...

Finished Sanctuary S2 and then watched Much Ado About Nothing (the Joss Whedon version, natch), then nattered until it was time to take Helen to the station. *sniff* That was a lot of fun (and there are some potential plans for future meetage in the works already, yippee!).

Today it has been bucketing down, so I dealt with about four months' worth of filing (not too bad by my standards), which was handy as I now have the required transport and insurance documents for France next month. (!) Also, after having done some price comparisons involving Excel, I have booked a table at a seafood restaurant for the Friday of our visit, where we hope to engage in a Seafood Frenzy, heehee.

Now I have to go see how our roast pork dinner is doing. *slurp*


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