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Did a truckload of digging out front today. The Stupid Knee is rather sore now, although at the time, the worst injury I got was some sort of strain to one of the joints on my left ring finger (it's turned a nice shade of purple) which meant absolute agony if I tried to grip anything. Oh, well. I got a large and stubborn stump out and have transported four loads of dirt to the back garden.

Managed to lose 4.5lb in three days, which cancelled out last weekend's Gluttony plus a little extra, so I decided to treat myself with some Wine on Friday. No Wine today as the main aim is still to get back to my BWYTD and beyond, so have had a few shots of rhubarb liqueur and Soplica Wisniowa (cherry vodka) instead. Have also discovered a UK website that sells the latter! Nice.

H is still doing DIY so have not had an opportunity to watch this week's Doctor Who yet. However, the entirety of The West Wing is available for download via Sky On Demand, so I gave the pilot a go. One of the characters was playing Bif Naked on her stereo. I think I am going to enjoy this series (good thing we upgraded to an unlimited download package, eh?). Oh, and a series I definitely enjoyed (Boston Legal) is starting from scratch on Universal this week. Even better.


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