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H has not been having a good couple of days.

He was hammering a post into the ground yesterday evening and managed to cut through the cable that powers various appliances in the garage. It took ages for him to dig down and find it, as it was buried so deep. He had to abandon his task once it got dark, ended up staying up till 3am painting fence posts because he couldn't sleep, and was so tired today that he didn't buckle down properly to finish digging and start repairing the cable until this afternoon. Unfortunately that's proved to be equally problematic, and he still hasn't managed to repair it at this time (it's getting dark once more, so I suspect things will have to be suspended until tomorrow). At least we have an extension cable running to the garage to keep the essential things going...

Last night I was lying in bed reading Hidden (the latest in the Alex Verus series by Benedict Jacka) when I suddenly realized a monstrous spider was running up the duvet beside me. I managed a high-pitched, "WHOA!" flung back the covers (bending a nail back as I did so, ouch - thank goodness it was too short to break) and leaped out of bed, Stupid Knee notwithstanding.

H was downstairs but made it up to the bedroom with gratifying speed; he thought I was having yet another night terror (I've had several recently) and the spider was nowhere to be seen at this point, but the Kindle in my hand convinced him my arachnid intruder was real and he dashed round the bed in time to intercept it before it went underneath the bed. Given its size and legginess, I'd pegged it as a Tegeneria gigantea and H confirmed it once he'd got hold of it. Ugh.

"Do you want to have a look at it?"

(I hid in the bathroom until he'd chucked it out of the landing window.)

Getting to sleep was somewhat problematic after that - let's not forget that we've never found the spider that crawled up my arm recently; I'd like to say that last night's visitor was one and the same, but unfortunately the first one was a little smaller, and brown, whereas the latest was the more familiar huge and greyish version. Anyway, the book was good, so that was something.
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