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2014-11-06 08:01 pm


Stupid Blurty has gone again. *sigh*

The SAD is definitely starting to bite; although reasonably functional during the day, I'm absolutely exhausted in the evenings. And it was really cold this morning, so very difficult to get out of my nice warm Bedcave (at least my new pyjamas are doing a cracking job of keeping me warm).

Will get round to my HW6 write-ups and photos at the weekend. I hope.

*Edit: It's back! Hooray!
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2014-09-03 08:26 pm

There's A Fine Line

H has not been having a good couple of days.

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2014-09-01 06:07 pm

Miscellaneous Monday Stuff

Well, having Wine on Friday only did help a bit - my Monday weight is rather better than it has been for weeks. Fair way to go, though.

I've completed my Paris map key and drawn up Friday's itinerary. Too tired to do anything tonight as I had yet another crap Sunday night's sleep. One thing that doesn't help: every morning circa 6:05, someone's burglar alarm goes off for about five seconds. I have NO IDEA why. This morning it woke me up, so bang went my last 15 minutes' precious kip. Grrrrrrr.

On a happier note, I forgot to mention that our next-door neighbour offered H a couple of tall, thin DVD shelves that he didn't want. They fit perfectly behind the living-room door. That takes care of our DVD storage for a nice long while...
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2014-08-31 05:11 pm


Had a most splendid lunch at Marmpar's today when I went to drop off the wheelbarrow we borrowed: escargots on toast, the most amazing roast pork with crackling and Mum's home-made blackberry and raspberry crumble. Divine. H couldn't make it as he's been working his butt off in the garage, although he was most envious, heh.

The France research continueth. Accompanied by various liqueurs.
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2014-08-30 08:40 pm

Paid Your Price

Did a truckload of digging out front today. The Stupid Knee is rather sore now, although at the time, the worst injury I got was some sort of strain to one of the joints on my left ring finger (it's turned a nice shade of purple) which meant absolute agony if I tried to grip anything. Oh, well. I got a large and stubborn stump out and have transported four loads of dirt to the back garden.

Managed to lose 4.5lb in three days, which cancelled out last weekend's Gluttony plus a little extra, so I decided to treat myself with some Wine on Friday. No Wine today as the main aim is still to get back to my BWYTD and beyond, so have had a few shots of rhubarb liqueur and Soplica Wisniowa (cherry vodka) instead. Have also discovered a UK website that sells the latter! Nice.

H is still doing DIY so have not had an opportunity to watch this week's Doctor Who yet. However, the entirety of The West Wing is available for download via Sky On Demand, so I gave the pilot a go. One of the characters was playing Bif Naked on her stereo. I think I am going to enjoy this series (good thing we upgraded to an unlimited download package, eh?). Oh, and a series I definitely enjoyed (Boston Legal) is starting from scratch on Universal this week. Even better.
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2014-08-27 08:47 pm

Stitch Witch In Da House

A few weeks ago, I commissioned the mad sewing skillz of my Muv to create a wraparound cover for the black shelf that stands in the front porch, thereby hiding all the spare Diet Cokes, lemonades and beers and other miscellany we keep on it, while still giving us easy access to same. Anyway, she came round last Wednesday to do some cutting and pinning, and today she did the final fittings. It looks great - just what I wanted. Thanks, Muv!

Still working on Things To Do in Paris. The list keeps growing...
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2014-08-25 03:22 pm

Yay for geekery! (And food. And Wine.)

Have had an excellent Bank Holiday weekend.

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2014-08-18 05:31 pm

About To Crack

After a very pleasant Saturday catching up with WD friends, I had a quiet but useful Sunday doing housework and cleaning the remainder of my LFCC photos while H was at a band engagement in Dunstable (around 40 of 'em). Yep, they are all DONE. Sweet.

Unfortunately Sunday night followed a predictable pattern. Getting up at 6:20am after under four hours' sleep is SO HARD. I'm so glad I was working from home today, as make-up would definitely have been a disaster (not to mention driving!). I'm still not sure how I managed to get through the day.

Going to bed very soon.
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2014-08-12 10:35 am

Pause For Thought

Further to the previous entry.

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2014-08-12 07:56 am

O Captain! My Captain!

Logged on this morning to discover that Robin Williams has been found dead in an apparent suicide. He brought much laughter to my life, and to hear that depression might have been the reason for his death just makes me so sad. Rest in peace, sir.
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2014-08-09 04:03 pm

Making Insomnia Into A Good Thing

I was awake before 6am this fine Saturday morning. After lying there hopefully trying to get back to sleep for a while, I decided to make the best of things. Got a charity bag filled and ready for collection before 8am (after a frenzied search for my keys that possibly deserves its own entry), then drove to Longacres in time for it to open at 8:30am (wow) and snaffled a load of gravel for the fan at the front of the house (and got a paper on the way back). H was leaving for a band engagement as I arrived, so had brekky and spent several productive hours sifting the last of the dirt from the gravel remaining in the fan (using a fine mesh sieve in water did the best job yet).

When H got back, he helped me gather up gravel, swept up the remaining earth and cut a load of new semi-permeable membrane. Used the sifted gravel plus three of the four sacks I'd bought this morning to fill most of the left-hand fan; I'm going to need about ten sacks to finish that and the right-hand fan, but once I've bought those, I'm good to finish. Phase 2 of Project Zen is about 80% complete!

That's four hours of bending, scooping, sifting and pouring. I've earned my Wine tonight, oh, yes.
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2014-08-07 07:04 pm

Violent Dreams

No sign of my arachnid intruder. H is still half-sure I dreamt it up, especially as last night, I apparently sat up in bed and calmly told him there was a snake in the window. He asked me about it and I didn't reply. Not surprising, as I was definitely asleep for that - I don't remember a bit of it. But I was awake for the bloody spider, I swear!

Actually got a decent amount of kip last night, I'm happy to say. Made today's visit to the office far more bearable...
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2014-08-06 06:48 pm


Having a really crap week on the sleep front. Sunday: took hours to get comfortable enough to drop off (OK, brought that one on myself). Monday: took a sleeping tablet at 5:30pm, was out shortly after 7pm, slept around 11 hours and felt even worse. Last night: was having enough trouble going to sleep as it was, but then a fair-sized spider decided it wanted to share the bed, ran up the valance like lightning and landed on my arm. Shrieked like a little girl, natch, and whacked it away. And of course I didn't see where it had gone.

H, meanwhile, was downstairs and thought I'd had one of my night terrors (to be fair, he's had to deal with his fair share of those), and was trying to convince me that I'd dreamed the whole thing, except that I was definitely awake. AUGH. Anyway, that meant I was unable to sleep for hours after that for fear of another arachnid visit. Managed three hours of kip in the end. Lovely.

SO looking forward to the weekend...
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2014-08-04 03:49 pm

I Bring These Things Upon Myself

Yesterday (Sunday), I painted a load of log roll (badly) for the front border, then cooked four dozen escargots in garlic and parsley butter with a load of Wine for supper.

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2014-08-02 08:38 pm

More, More, More

Had a great time shopping in Reading with Muv today.

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2014-07-31 06:31 pm


Most days, I achieve my five-a-day and then some, although it gets difficult sometimes.

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2014-07-27 02:30 pm

Feel At Home

We have finally finished Phase 1 of Project Zen (aka the border in front of the living-room) today. Huzzah! There are several phases to go, natch, but I think that is the hardest one because we literally ripped just about everything up and redesigned it so it looks unrecognizable compared to last year.

I feel a little bad because it's taken H away from his current project extending our storage space down the side of the house, but I couldn't have completed it without his help. At least I can do a lot of phases 2 and 3 on my own now.

He's at a band job this afternoon, so I've just been taking a breather before doing another load of housework. It never ends...
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2014-07-22 06:32 pm

Inconstant Gardening

Well, stuff that has happened since the LFCC. Nothing that interesting to you, dear reader, to be honest. But I'm sure I can make some drivel out of it. :P

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2014-07-21 07:30 pm

Still Alive (LFCC 2014 Entry: Part II)

And now the Sunday. (I can't believe over a week has passed since I was there...)

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2014-07-17 07:04 pm

Want It Want It Now Now (LFCC 2014 Entry: Part I)

Well, Blurty is playing up again, so I'm back. And I brought my London Film & Comic Con adventures with me!

Anyway, here's what went down on the Saturday.
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